Greetings from the Distant Past

Hey! I’m Nelshoy! This is my first blog post. You know this. You are here because later on you stumbled accross one of my many insightful and thought-provoking future posts and are now so obsessed with my opinions that you want to find out how the legend started way back in 2016. Hahaha. How’s that for some growth mindset?

Realistically, I’m not any traffic at all on my blog for a long time if not ever. I understand that reading silly  blogs by people without great credentials is not exactly the national past-time (If/when did blogging peak? 2007 or so?). At best, If I stick with this project, actually write some good stuff, and decide I want to try some self-promotion down the road despite not knowing how, I can see maybe a dozen people keeping me on their RSS feeders and forgetting all about me.

That’s alright though. See, this blog is for me (I haven’t read enough first blog posts to know how cliche that statement ranks on a scale from 1-100, but I’m guessing the high 90s?) (Am I doing aside statements in parentheses too much? Trying too hard to be funny?), and that means I don’t really have to worry for a while what future potential You’s think of me. Nevertheless, I’m going to pretend you’re all here already. I’m a big believer in the power of Accountability, and I think having even strictly theoretical critics will hold me to higher standards of accuracy and clarity.

So, why  am I starting a blog? I’m hoping that:

  1. I’ll  find in fun.
  2. It will make me write down what I’m thinking.
  3. It will encourage me to do better research.
  4. It will help me to do better writing.
  5. It will help me improve my self-control
  6. It will keep me (relatively) focused on topics I want to explore, instead of jumping around to different topics like a pinball that didn’t take its Adderall.

So why in July 2016 am I starting a blog?

I’m enabled first off because I’m out of school right now. I’m not in school because I’ve just finished failing my first year of medical school. Ouch. Actually, I failed a few months ago, and me not starting on this project I’ve been “wanting” to do until now is a testament to the kind of life-management skills that led to me failing medical school. You are now probably thinking rightly that I have a whole host of issues, and you’d be correct in your presumption. I’m not going to go too deep into them now, but I’ve been diagnosed with AD(H)D and depression. A psychiatrist diagnosed me with Asperger’s (now stupidly encompassed by Austism Spectrum Disorder) as an eight year old, even though I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

So this summer, I’m doing the whole get-treated-for-depression, develop-life-skills, start doing well in life instead of miserably half-assing my way through it. I think its actually going pretty damn well so far, and I’d like to look back on this summer down the road as the time I said “This time I’m really going to be getting my life together!” and actually meant it. If this is my only blog post, the future alien superintelligence analyzing early 21st century human communication data -ie, the only being to read this- will know that I have failed.

But I don’t intend for this to be my last blog post. I’m not going to just do boring personal life posts like this one, but hopefully branch into a whole host of topics I find engaging. If I stick with it long enough, maybe, just maybe- I might even come up with an original thought? I told you I’m upping my standards.

The second reason I’m starting a blog now instead of when I was I was teenager or something is because at a newly minted 23 years old, I have just discovered that blogs are fucking awesome. Seriously. I’m reading awesome people regularly, people engaging in a form of discourse based on fairness, reason, evidence, and civility I didn’t know existed.

After years of reading boring media pieces trodding out the same wellworn boring arguments,  I thought I knew pretty much what the world was about and how I should be examing it. In the last few months, I’ve read countless amazingly insightful blog posts that have completely reshaped how I examine myself and the world, and the best part is I’m loving it. I’m getting my dopamine release from becoming a more knowledgeable, thoughtful, smarter human being, a void I’d previously filled with inane reddit links, prolonged netflix dramas, and hectic videogames.

I don’t think any of those things are bad in an absolute sense and there are definitely aspects I don’t regret, but I can definitely see that over the past decade they’ve been bad for me and I’d like to moving away from them. I’ll talk about this (and a lot more) later, but for now it just feels good to admit that thinking feels good. More details in future posts!





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